4 10 2011

It’s that time of the year again. The seasons are changing and my hayfever is kicking in. Itchy mouth and watery eyes during the day, blocked nose by night. Which is why I’m posting at 1am. Can’t sleep.

It’s annoying. I went for a swim today and struggled to get a decent breath. I used to struggle with my breathing in the pool because I was over breathing, virtually gasping, working far to hard at getting a massive breath in. Then I read (and I’ve been doing a lot of reading on swimming tips and techniques) that when swimming, you should breath as if someone is watching and you don’t want them to see (or something like that). Essentially don’t gasp, just take a “quiet” breath in. And it worked.

I no longer feel like my lungs are burning when I swim. It’s great, I can get a decent breath in and work on my endurance. Assuming I can get a decent breath in. Today I couldn’t. I could barely swim 100m without needing to stop. I didn’t feel right exhaling. I didn’t feel right inhaling. I just felt shit. I still do. My sinuses are all clogged up with whatever crud they get blocked up with, and I’m off to the chemist in the morning to seek out a neti pot. Hopefully, that will clear me out.




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14 10 2011

I find blowing bubbles into the water helps me take a bigger breath when I turn my head. All I have to think about is getting air in rather than out and in if that makes sense

15 10 2011

Makes perfect sense, that’s why I do it. It’s called breathing 😉
At the moment it’s about reduced lung capacity as a result of being unwell.

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