Canola Canter 2011

8 10 2011

Tomorrow is the 2011 Canola Canter. Back in 2009, the 50km CC was the first organised ride I ever participated in. Back then, I completed the 50km (my first 50km ever) in a cumbersome 2hr 42min. On a hybrid, in the wind and rain, and with runners. Last year, I did the 100km Canter in a shade under 3h42m. A much better performance, in gorgeous weather, with proper gear. I messed up my fuel intake and slowed down to a crawl for the last 25km or so.

This year I’m fairly underdone having only done 200km (at most) in the last couple of month on the bike. Tomorrow, I’m lining up for the 150km. Clearly I haven’t learnt anything from my marathon fiasco. As is my modus operandi, I’m declaring the following goals (weather and energy permitting)

Goal: To simply finish

Bold goal: To finish in a time between 5hr 30 and 6hrs

“Stars have aligned and a minor miracle has occurred” goal: Finish with a time between 5hrs and 5hrs 30m

Before I took a hiatus over winter, I completed my first ever 100km@30kph ride, an extension of the original 30@30 goal I’d set myself earlier in the year. I wonder if I can turn back time and push out 150@30? Not likely.




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