Swim Update

11 10 2011

Another swim today, and for the first time I felt like I’d made some serious progress. I know I have – my stroke is a lot better, my breathing is a lot better, but today, everything just felt easier.

I didn’t just do laps. I did a couple of warm up laps first followed by ten laps with pull buoy. Pulling nearly 90kgs through the water with only your arms is hard work, but it’s great for muscle strengthening. At least I assume it is. When using the pull buoy, I can also concentrate on just my arms, so I feel like it really helps my stroke form. It allows me to concentrate on rolling my hips and torso and not worry about my kick.

Following the arms, it was time to work the legs. A ¼k with the kickboard and it felt great. Nice and slow, and this time concentrating on nothing except the legs.

I’d usually finish off with a few laps with the flippers, but today I didn’t. I just started swimming and took it nice and slow. I didn’t rush my stroke or try to kick to fast, and I felt like I glided through the water. The laps felt effortless and before I knew it, I’d done ten more. I wasn’t short of breath, my arms and legs weren’t tired. If I wasn’t about to get kicked out by the Swim & Survive group, I genuinely think I could have done ten more.

I stoked, almost buoyant in fact. I wish I could go back now and do more. I’m really starting to enjoy being in the pool and I’m starting to believe that I might just be able to pull off the swim at the end of November.




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