Back on Shanks

18 10 2011

First run today in three weeks. Any semblance of endurance that I had has just about gone. The run to work this morning (at 5.45am), was the usual 5.75km in just over 28min. At this point, I’m happy with a sub 5min/km run, although I’d like to get the time down to sub 25mins at some point.

On the way home, fatigue definitely set in,  a result of the 7 hour work day and the now hot sun as much as the lack of running in recent weeks. A shorter route home, a little under 5kms in a little under 26minutes. I’d like to maintain sub 25 minutes for all future 5km runs (at least until after the triathlon).

Tired now, earlyish night. 6am start in the morning and another swim session after work tomorrow.




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