Confidence and Enjoyment

19 10 2011

I’m really starting to enjoy my time in the pool. For me that’s a big thing. When I started I hated the pool, but as with my riding and my running, it’s slowly winning me over. Perhaps it’s the endorphins, perhaps it’s just the enjoyment that comes from improving at something at which you previously sucked. But for the third swim in a row, I didn’t want to finish. I just want to keep swimming but I had places to be and was squeezing in the swim as it was.

Today, another 750m, again without any aids. It took me a while to settle into my stroke, but once I did, I felt like I could just keep going. At the beginning, I did 4 sets of 2x25m laps, to settle in. Once I had my stroke and breathing working well, I did 2 x 3 laps, then 2 x 4 laps. I finished off with 8 straight laps. That’s 200m straight. For me, who struggled to swim 200m in half an hour when I started (through sheer exhaustion), I am over the moon. As I said, if I’d had more time, I would have kept swimming, but I promised myself I’d stop at race distance (750m).

The biggest thing for me is overcoming the fear that I’m going to drown through sheer exhaustion. The idea is stupid especially since my feet touch the bottom along the entire length of the 25m pool. It’s a different issue in the 50m pool, but as my distances increase, so to does my confidence.

As I was swimming today, I realised that it was a shade over 5 weeks to go before the triathlon. If the local tri club have a full tri option as part of their month end training day in 11 days then I have till then to swim 400m non stop. But I realised in the pool that I wouldn’t be happy with that, so I’m setting myself the challenge of swimming 750m non-stop by the end of the month. Challenge accepted




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