24 10 2011

A quiet weekend with my girls, and now I’m well rested (my legs are too). So today I took advantage of that and went out for a short early morning run. Nothing too difficult, just a simple 5½km around the block. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting my running of late and the run felt harder than it should have. Despite really feeling it, I came home in a little better than 5min/km, which I’m quite happy with.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was trying to keep all of my runs at 5:41min/km pace (or 4hr marathon pace). So, while that remains my marathon goal pace (as well as actually completing one), I’ve decided its time to increase my speed for shorter runs. So I’m now hoping to do all runs in sub 5 min/km times (for 12km or less), and sub 5m30/km for everything sub 21.1km. It really is time that I start to get faster.

Later in the day, the girls and I went down to the pools and while they splashed around with mum, I fired out a quick 22 laps, including a 16 lap (400m) non-stop set in just under 10minutes. The local tri group has a training tri on this weekend and I’m taking the 400m swim option. If I get the opportunity tomorrow, I’m going to take a crack at the 750m (30 lap) challenge I’ve set myself.

It’s really amazing (and obvious) what a good rest does. THe last swim I did, not three days ago, drained me and I struggled to string half a dozen laps together. Today, they felt easy.

Additionally, I’m going to try to do two disciplines on at least two days each week. I’m keen to not only finish the Sprint Tri in November, but to do well. I’m thinking about my goal times now and I’m sure they’ll be a stretch for me.




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