No joy

30 10 2011

My plan to do a triathlon this weekend, my first triathlon, as part of a training for the Sprint Tri at the end of November has been aborted. My wife had to change her plans late on Friday night which meant that I was no longer free on Sunday morning.

Very bummed, but that’s life. The Mrs. gave me the option to go to the tri and she would cancel her thing, but I couldn’t say no. She has been very good about letting me get out of the house for training especially when it means she doesn’t get a sleep in. If I go out before a day shift, it means she has to get up at 7am when the girls do (or earlier), and she doesn’t get to sleep till 8am (or later). It didn’t feel right puttingmy needs wants ahead of hers. She gets precious little time off as it is so what right do I have to take any more from her?

So, my weekend has ended up being a quiet, house cleaning affair. It also meant I got to have a nice little nap yesterday afternoon, and rest is an important part of the training process, so hey, I enjoyed it.

Back to the pool tomorrow. If I can organise myself properly, and I have an ok night on-call, I will run and swim tomorrow. If not, I’ll just swim.




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