An easier swim

16 11 2011

I went out for another lake swim yesterday. Unlike the last, this was a solo swim, my first in the lake. In terms of distance, it was essentially the same swim as before – out to the third buoy and back. In terms of difficulty, it was much much easier. The nerves were gone. There was no fear of not making it. It was just a matter of doing the distance.

Of course that was easier said than done. The wind was up and the water was choppy. The water had a distinct E-W “current” as much as a closed man-made lake can have. On the way out, I was swimming against the current, but it was with me on the way back. I think the round trip was about 25 minutes, not quite half of what it took last time. I still stopped more than I would have liked, but those stops were as much about sighting as anything else.

I’ll be back in the lake tomorrow evening. There is a novice tri group that is having a swim/run biathlon tomorrow, and so I’ll be joining them rather than doing the run/swim that I’ve done for the last couple of weeks.




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