21 11 2011

Yesterday I’d hoped to do a training triathlon at the month end training day with the local tri club (I know it’s not the month end, but it was brought forward a week because of the tri festival next weekend). Unfortunately, it started raining on Saturday evening and didn’t stop for 24 hours. By 9am on Sunday, the local tri had been called off and my chance for one final hit-out before this weekend was washed away.

So, with an eagerness to do a little more than usual today, I took to the pool. My goal was to complete a solid 1.5km swim. Despite sharing the lane for the first 300m, and having a couple of quick stops to stretch and readjust goggles and the like, I tabbed through the first 1km fairly comfortably. After a short (10-20s) break, I stretched myself to another 10 laps (500m). By the end, I’d completed 1.5km and felt like I could do more. Just as importantly, I wasn’t squeezing the swim in between appointments, so I had the time to do more.

By now, I was the only one left in the pool and after another very quick break, I pushed on through another 10 laps. To be honest, these last 10 laps were tiring. I was counting down the laps rather than counting up. I could feel my legs hanging lower in the water, and my form slipping. But I persevered and clocked up my first 2km swim. I’m extremely happy and proud. I might not be the fastest swimmer in the pool (but I’m not the slowest).

Just under a month a go, and I’d only just completed my first ever 750m swim. 6 days earlier and I’d only just completed 200m non-stop. Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt a ramp-to-ramp swim in the lake. That’s a 1km open water swim. If I can get through that, I know I’m ready for the weekend.




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