26 11 2011

Today is the day, the triathlon is upon me. I’m packed and ready to go and I’ll be heading off in about half an hour.

Before I go, a statement of my goals.

Primary goal: To finish
Respectable time: 87 minutes
Stretch goal: 83 minutes
Bold goal: 77 minutes

The swim will be my weakest leg, I’m sure of that. In the pool, I can do the 750m in 15minutes, but I find the lake a lot harder. Even accounting for the added buoyancy of the wetsuit, with the throng of swimmers and the race mentality, I think I’ll do well to match this time, but I’ll try. Realistically I think 20mins is more likely.

The ride will be my strength, and assuming I don’t have trouble on the wet roads (it’s been raining since Thursday night), I should be able to easily finish inside of 35 minutes. If I can push and maintain a good pace for the first half, I should be able to ease off slightly in the second and still have a strong ride.

The run is the catch. On a good day, I’ll run the 5km in 23 minutes. On a bad day, 30, I’m hoping to find something on the day and come home at sub 5min/km pace and finish strong.

A couple of quickish transitions and I should be right.

But time will tell.




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