4 12 2011
Event Distance Date
Audax Alpine Classic 140km 29 Jan 2012
Lake Hume Cycling Challenge 130km 25 Feb 2012
Scody High Country Challenge 200km 17 Mar 2012
M7 Westlink Marathon 42.2km 29 July 2012
City 2 Surf 14km 12 Aug 2012
Wagga Marathon 42.2km 19 Aug 2012
Lake2Lagoon 9.5km 9 Sep 2012
Canola Canter 200km Oct 2012
TriWagga Ultimate Tri 2km 120km 20km 25 Oct 2012
Canberra Half Ironman 1.9km 90km 21.1km Dec 2012



2 responses

30 12 2011

That’s one fine schedule of events there. Are you sure you don’t want to trade the M7 marathon for theGold Coast 😉

30 12 2011

The wife is being all sensible and wants me to complete a marathon first before I start travel to do one. I have to travel to do the M7, but I can drive and stay with family, so the cost is nix.

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