31 01 2012

It’s been a decent month. I’ve had a three reasonable swims and a bunch of good rides.

I was disappointed to DNF the Audax Alpine Classic for the second year in a row, but I’ve moved on and am contemplating my next challenge.

No runs for the month, but I’m going to start getting back into it next week.


3 Swims for 5.5km

13 Rides for 603.22km

0 Runs

Weight: 90.0kg (9am 31 Jan 12)


Annual Triathlon: A bike total of 603km has me 6.5km behind on my swim and 120.6km on my run.

A Year @ 30: Average speed for the year to date is 25.59km. A couple of my longer rides have been significantly slower due to the number/difficulty of hills. Had I not ridden these, my average speed so far would have been 29.39kph. So the goal is very gettable. As winter rolls in and my rides get shorter and faster, the average speed should jump up pretty quickly.


New Year, New Goal, New Blog.

1 01 2012

I’m not abandoning this blog. I will be checking in here from time to time but my focus will be on my new blog and my new goal.

So for now, I’m not thinking about the past, only the future.

Next (2012)

28 11 2011

Now that my first ever triathlon is over, I’m thinking about what I’m going to aim for next, and the answer is easy.

It’s the 2012 Audax Alpine Classic. Having been defeated last year, I’m going to attempt the same course and distance again. This year I’ve got the RAV so I can get out to the mountains for some more serious training.

Other than the AAC, I’m seriously considering the 200km Scody High Country Challenge in March, the M7 Westlink  Marathon in July and a crack at a Half Ironman in late November/December. Add to that the City2Surf, Lake2Lagoon and assorted local stuff and it could be a busy year.

For now, I’ll get cracking on some serious training for the Alpine Classic and see how things look in the new year.


26 11 2011

Today is the day, the triathlon is upon me. I’m packed and ready to go and I’ll be heading off in about half an hour.

Before I go, a statement of my goals.

Primary goal: To finish
Respectable time: 87 minutes
Stretch goal: 83 minutes
Bold goal: 77 minutes

The swim will be my weakest leg, I’m sure of that. In the pool, I can do the 750m in 15minutes, but I find the lake a lot harder. Even accounting for the added buoyancy of the wetsuit, with the throng of swimmers and the race mentality, I think I’ll do well to match this time, but I’ll try. Realistically I think 20mins is more likely.

The ride will be my strength, and assuming I don’t have trouble on the wet roads (it’s been raining since Thursday night), I should be able to easily finish inside of 35 minutes. If I can push and maintain a good pace for the first half, I should be able to ease off slightly in the second and still have a strong ride.

The run is the catch. On a good day, I’ll run the 5km in 23 minutes. On a bad day, 30, I’m hoping to find something on the day and come home at sub 5min/km pace and finish strong.

A couple of quickish transitions and I should be right.

But time will tell.

No joy

30 10 2011

My plan to do a triathlon this weekend, my first triathlon, as part of a training for the Sprint Tri at the end of November has been aborted. My wife had to change her plans late on Friday night which meant that I was no longer free on Sunday morning.

Very bummed, but that’s life. The Mrs. gave me the option to go to the tri and she would cancel her thing, but I couldn’t say no. She has been very good about letting me get out of the house for training especially when it means she doesn’t get a sleep in. If I go out before a day shift, it means she has to get up at 7am when the girls do (or earlier), and she doesn’t get to sleep till 8am (or later). It didn’t feel right puttingmy needs wants ahead of hers. She gets precious little time off as it is so what right do I have to take any more from her?

So, my weekend has ended up being a quiet, house cleaning affair. It also meant I got to have a nice little nap yesterday afternoon, and rest is an important part of the training process, so hey, I enjoyed it.

Back to the pool tomorrow. If I can organise myself properly, and I have an ok night on-call, I will run and swim tomorrow. If not, I’ll just swim.


24 10 2011

A quiet weekend with my girls, and now I’m well rested (my legs are too). So today I took advantage of that and went out for a short early morning run. Nothing too difficult, just a simple 5½km around the block. Unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting my running of late and the run felt harder than it should have. Despite really feeling it, I came home in a little better than 5min/km, which I’m quite happy with.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was trying to keep all of my runs at 5:41min/km pace (or 4hr marathon pace). So, while that remains my marathon goal pace (as well as actually completing one), I’ve decided its time to increase my speed for shorter runs. So I’m now hoping to do all runs in sub 5 min/km times (for 12km or less), and sub 5m30/km for everything sub 21.1km. It really is time that I start to get faster.

Later in the day, the girls and I went down to the pools and while they splashed around with mum, I fired out a quick 22 laps, including a 16 lap (400m) non-stop set in just under 10minutes. The local tri group has a training tri on this weekend and I’m taking the 400m swim option. If I get the opportunity tomorrow, I’m going to take a crack at the 750m (30 lap) challenge I’ve set myself.

It’s really amazing (and obvious) what a good rest does. THe last swim I did, not three days ago, drained me and I struggled to string half a dozen laps together. Today, they felt easy.

Additionally, I’m going to try to do two disciplines on at least two days each week. I’m keen to not only finish the Sprint Tri in November, but to do well. I’m thinking about my goal times now and I’m sure they’ll be a stretch for me.

Bit by bit

20 10 2011

Bit by bit I’m getting closer to my goal. Yesterday it was 750m split over half a dozen sets. Today, it was three sets of ten laps each with short breaks between them.

I’ve got a coaching session tomorrow so I probably won’t do the whole 750m but I will at least take a crack at 15 laps straight.